is more important

than Health                                  

​​Whole food plant based live diet. I eat as many colors of the rainbow as often as I am hungry. 

I have more options then I would have thought when it comes to the environment choose to live in.

My cells store my beliefs. My beliefs come from what I choose to practice. 

Flexible Living 


Give and or Receive Step by Step 
​Passive Assisted Yoga Alignment


A series of postures and breath movements practiced to achieve tranquillity and strength.

Passive Assisted Yoga Alignment 


​The day we are born tells a story about each and every one of us.

Learn more about yourself and the people closest to you. Find out why we do the things we do, believe the things we believe, think the way way we think. React the way we react.

Passive Assisted Yoga Alignment


Corresponding self care practice for the above passive sequence. Results last longer if you are aware of patterns that may not be good for us anymore. Good news is when we change the things we do we change the results. 

Passive Assisted Yoga Alignment 

Planting Daily Seeds  of   Grace, Wisdom,  Truth, andFaith reboots the nervous system for good.

Give & Receive, Teach & Learn, Inspire & Be Inspired